17 de mar de 2009

It's a love story, baby just say yes

(by Taylor Swift)

Once upon a time, not so long ago...Tommy used to work on the docks...no, no, just kidding...now, here we go.

I was listening some of Taylor Swift songs and I'm so glad to see that there was a singer who 'understands' me, by 'understands' I mean, who talk about things that I like to hear in songs, and by 'things' I mean...love.
Have you ever found something better than love to inspire a song? HUH!? It doesn't exist!
And the way that Swift uses this makes you wish you're a princess in a far away land and that you have finally found yourn Prince charming. Seems like we're keeping apart of this whole fairy tale thing each day, that's not right! What happen with LOVE, guys?
I don't know if I'm old school or something like, but I'm sure about one thing, love is one of the biggest needs of the humanity.

The Fearless record is the most amazing thing ever done, and I'm not being radical, have you ever heard it? There isn't ONE bad song, everything is awesome, you don't need to use the 'next' thing.
I don't know wich song is my favorite, it's hard baby, pretty hard.
1) Fearless: it talks about first love, and the whole fairy tale thing behind it.
2) Fifteen: can you tell that anything she's saying in that song is a lie?
3) Love story: I don't need to say anything about this one, just LISTEN IT!
4) Hey Stephen: It's magical, how everyone who hear this record fall in love with that song at first.
5) White horse: no words to describe...
6) You belong with me: I wish more guys could hear that song.
7) Breathe, feat Colbie Caillat: a love song full of pain with no happy ending, beautifull, deep
8) Tell me why: And awesome melody, sing along!
9) You're not sorry: maybe you're not swettie...
10) The way I loved you: deep is the word for that song, there's sorrow and pain, and an amazing chorus
11) Forever and always: Joe Jonas has a lot to talk about that song
12) The best day: something lovely for a familly enjoy 2gether
13) Change: can you see it right now?

Please, listen this record and after you tell me, deal?

see ya!

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