10 de mai de 2009

the fairytale gurl.

Last night I had a sweet dream. It was the kind of dream that Taylor Swift would have but I can't help it!
When I was younger dad was the owner of a (how can I say that?!...) place where you rent movies. it was in vhs times (looks so far away now...but it was kinda of 13 year ago) and i born in the middle of Disney fairytales. dad wanna to create a dreamer girl, a girl who believes in fairytales, in real love, as he do, and, well, he did it. my favorite one was (and still is) Aladdin, I watched it like a 3 times at a day (!), I knew every word of it. A whole new world still is one of my favorite songs, it always makes me feel moved, 'cause there's a lot of sweet love in that. well, aladdin was my favorite one, but it doesn't mean that it was the only one that i use to watch, white snow, cinderela, sleeping beauty and the lion king (that one makes me fall in love with elton john), and of course, beauty and the beast was on top of the list. ad the times goes by, dad sold the "movies renter", and aladdin and I fall apart, it was sad, i missed him, and all of my favorites Disney movies. but there's no go backs, once a fairytale girl, always a fairytale girl, and it's hard today, believe in true love and hope that someday you'll find somebody who'll make your head spin' around, who'll love you as much as you deserve, who'll care about you and know that you're special.
a few years ago, dad bought for me the aladdin's dvd, and here's something I didn't tell before, I'm brazilian, and a brazilian who loves english, and who always want to watch aladdin in english, with the dvd I finally could! i can't stop the tears that comes when aladdin and jasmine starts to sing a whole new world, in dvd!
well, about my dream, forget it, maybe it's to personal, actually it's to personal, I'll take Cinderela's advice: "If I tell, it doesn't come true". And, while it doesn't come true, I'll be living my life full of hapiness.

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