26 de mai de 2009

tale as old as time...truth as it can be...

In love with fairytales more than ever right now. I wish I could just sit back and watch everyone I want: Snow white, Sleeping Beauty, Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, ...
Life's so much beautiful in a fairytale (ok, taking out the wizards...). There was love...with PRINCES(!), OH COME ON! It was great! LOL
Okay, I'm being stupid, (like I care...).
The JoBros were here in the weekend and I wasn't there to see them, yeah, yeah, yeah, I veeeeeery sad cause of it, and I really want them to come back here to do a show only for the girls who can't go to this one, a bigger and better show.
Well...after all I'm still a dreamer...DREAM, DREAM, DREAM...

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