31 de mai de 2009

Why you don't just have fun?

I hate this whole concern thing, why we don't just have fun and forget about the rest? This is easy to answer...WE LIVE!
we love people and we get concerned with 'em, we care about everything that make sense to us. or sometimes don't.
this life is crazy, but it's good, after all.
We love a lot of things, we adore somethings and why?? Cause we need something to love, platonicaly! That's what keep us dreamin' while we live
the hard reality of the real world.
It'll be very easy if we keeping having fun, it'll be even boring. I don't know, I don't have a lot to say today...cause I'm 'concern' with my Wizard of Oz fashion collection...TROUBLE! I'm gonna get crazy, I need to finish it! OMG! Let's do it!

pic from justjaredjr.com :)

just did it! :)

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