27 de mai de 2009

You better hope ur not alone...

..."you don't always have to hold your head higher than your heart"...
why we don't try to put our hearts higher than our head? It'll be crazier, and easier, definitelly...but painfull sometimes.
I'm trying to figure out what kind of things I would've done if I let my heart higher than my head...WOW, maybe I'll be happier than I am right now, maybe not.
Well, what I've been learning - maybe it comes with the age, who knows?! - is that you should try hard to be happy the way you are, always try to be better than you are, but always say Thanks to God cause He gave you everything you've got. I'm not a pretty religious person, I avoid as much as I can the church, but there's one word who make all the diference: FAITH. If you have faith then God knows you, He hear what you tell Him, He care about you, and He knows that you'll always trust Him. I'm living a time that it's like: I don't need to proof anything to anybody. I've never been that much of me. It's the best time of my life this one that I'm living, an the next will be too, as the next. That's the hapiness secret.

Pic from Vogue's editorial with Sasha

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