2 de jun de 2009

MTV Movie Awards

Ok. It was funny. I can't stop laugh sometimes, like when Kirsten Stewart get her Award for Best Actress and...lol, you watched it.
But, the fashion was good in the carpet anyway. It isn't a Oscar, and I like it better. It's more cool. And I really like a lot of outfits in the night.
Some pics from justjaredjr.com:

A lot of people will disagree, but I loved Vanessa Hudgens dress. I think it's very beautiful. Kirsten was diferent, unwaited, and I love that. I loved Ashley shoes and her dress is good too. Miley was awesome, but I wish the dress was dark, like purple or black.
PS.: Zac Efron was the hottest boy in there. No doubt! LOOK AT HIM FOLKS! OMG! :)


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