10 de jun de 2009

When you start talking, I start walking...


there's a new band in my heart sweeties.
I always knew them. For like a, I don't know...2 or 3 years. But they never really caught my eye.
A friend of mine is a really big fan of them, so I always give 'em atention. But they never make IT happen (you know what I'm talking bout...) and then, someday, I was with MTV turned on and it starts the 'FALLING IN LOVE' music video.LOVE-at-first-SIGHT.my ears were happy, they scream something like:
- We love it, we love it! Get their cd called Radio: Active, hear it all and fall in love with 'em!
That's what I did. And I surrender, I fall in love with them.
Mainly for one of the lead singers, Danny. OMFG, what is this smille?? It makes a girl's day lot better when she see something like that in the morning! And this blue eyes? OMG! Against all the other girls who fall in love with Dougie, my favorite McFly is Danny. He's the most sexy one, and he has the most beautiful male voice ever. (Joe and Nick Jonas doesn't count!OKAY?!)

After all this time wasted thinking they're not good enought I finally should admit. I LOVE MCFLY! and I always did. I just love JB to much to see that. I still love JB to much, but there's a space in my heart for this British charming 4 guys.

Lies (acoustic)

Do ya (acoustic)
The heart never lies (acoustic)

Ps.: The Rio Fashion Week is happening right now, I'm gonna wait the end of it, then I can tell what I love the most about the summer 2010 's fashion.

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