9 de mai de 2009

Gucci spring/summer 2009

Yeah, I know I'm late...It's just that I just remmember it now. Here we go.
I loved the 'new' already old Gucci campaign, with Lilly Donaldson and Natasha Poly, I don't know the guys names, I never know the male models names, they aren't famous, how will I know?
Well, I loved the make up and the clothes and the shoes, and the, well, everything. That's why I'm putting here the pics, I'm late, but who cares??? It's still awesome.
Purple eyeshadow n' messy hair, is there something cooler??

Nice weekend!
(I'm going crazy, lot of things to do, momy's day 2morrow, lunch at gramma's house and Flamengo's football game at 4pm and I need to do my feet! CRAZY!)

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