16 de mai de 2009

love, love, love, what happen to you?

Sometimes I feel like I'm old. I mean, older than I am, my mind is old. Ok, it's confuse, I know. Sometimes I feel like I can't agree with all this whole thing around, this whole banalization of love. Seems like there's no love anymore, just phisical atraction. This is sad. I wish I could have lived in a time when there's true love, gentlemans and all this fairytale thing.
And when I though was everything lost, and there isn't anyone who could write about love in that times, here comes Stephenie Meyer, I'm so gratefull for her, I mean, she brings love back to the ball. But, she made it all hard, now all of us are looking for a guy just like Edward, and it's hard, I know they exist (read Joe, Nick and Kevin), guys who open the door, who tell you that you're beautifull and not that you're hot, guys who tell you they love you, and really mean it. What happen with that kind of man?? Do they dispear for good??? Hope not, 'cause I really hope I'm gonna find one Edward someday, wherever he is.
I can't believe that's one girl in that planet who aren't jealous (in a good way) of Bella. She's so lucky. Thanks Stephanie for make us believe in love again, maybe you bring love back to the world.
But I still wonder...love, what happened to you?


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