14 de mai de 2009

rock n' rollin' ... guns n' rosin'

I wish I could've live in the 80's. Def.
Well, as long as I'm a estrange person I could do well in that times. I mean, I wish I could have the chance to see Guns N' Roses performing with AXL and SLASH 2gether, but I guess that's never gonna happen again. Axl and Slash are enough to make the best rock band ever, but put Duffy in it too, he's charismatic, and we're gonna need a base man after all. A man who could stop Axl and Slash's fights.
The biggest and the most amazing rock singer ever borned in february 6th, 1962. Willian Bailey had so many troubles with his familly that his life could be a movie (and a sad one) even before he turns to W. Axl Rose. Well, after that it could be a triology. Of all the GN'R members, as long as a lot of people stands by Slash's side, and think he was the guns n' roses soul, I'll keep at Axl's side. Slash is an amazing guitar man, no doubt. But Axl's voice was the soul and the thing that made Guns a good rock band. Axl and Slash 2gether made Guns one of the biggest rock n' roll bands ever.

I'm not a big fan of rock. My story with GN'R started about 5 years ago. Dad brought a new dvd, a collection of 80's and 90's mucic videos. Excited, I started to watch - I can't deny, I love old music, Bryan Adams, Bon Jovi, Scorpions, Queen, Bruce Springsten, Eric Clapton, Elton John, all this performers makes me feel emotioned, almost nostalgic, and then, make me miss things that I never lived, like the 80's - the first music video was Freddie Mercury and Montserat singing 'How can I go on' - Do I need to explain what I felt? - then, the second one was called patience - I stayed completely gaping when the music beggins and a good-lookin' man with a beautifull hair started to sing. It was love at first sight. Don't blame me. How could I resist? Have you ever heard 'patience'? it's the most beautifull sound this guys have ever done, no, Sweet Child O mine isn't my fave one, I rather be with Patience.

After, in the dvd, I watched Don't Cry and November rain too. In the other day I already have a cd with the best songs of them, and I can't stop hear it. I was completely in love with Guns n' Roses, and it was good.
I had a t-shirt of 'em, I knew every single word of the songs, every Axl's move on the dvd 'Use your illusion - live in Tokyo'.
As the times goes by I started to hear different things to. Now, I hear everything from Lady Gaga to Taylor Swift, stoping in Jonas Brothers, Demi Lovato, Jason Mraz, James Morrinson, Katy Perry, Duffy, Paramore, McFly...and Guns N' Roses.
After all the time that I spend beying a GN'R fan all I should say is: Once a gunner, always a gunner.
No matter if the band's biggest moment was before your birth, they're still alive, and you're still love 'em, how couldn't you?

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