11 de jun de 2009

walk in the park, a really nice day.

there was a long time since the last time I get outta home to go to a really good place. When dad told me we gonna get out for him to play tenis I never though the place will be THAT cool. I don't even wanna go! 8O
I really love that place. A really good place to read and fall in love, and eat chocolate. hahaha. really.
I finally start to read my new fashion book called 'Fashion Now 2', sitting on the grass! OMG! How beautiful is this????
I wanna get back there, like always. hahahaha. I wanna live there and sit on the green grass everyday to read and think about life. I really need a place like this close to me. def.
I'm really tired now but very, very happy. I really have a good day. a really good day. and I didn't have a really good day since...i don't even remmember! Look at that! It's sad. =/
Saturday Hannah Montana: The movie with sis and dad on theater. How amazing will that be? Mom don't wanna go...she don't like Miley too much (not like we do act.).I'm sure we gonna have too much fun. and too much tears. the climb always make it happen to me. hahaha
I'm inspired today, and you know why. My legs are surrendering, so I guess I'd better go...xoxo;*

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