30 de jun de 2009

Chic . Style. Elegance. Fashion

Concepts. Concepts that change with the time, or not.
Fashion change, every single day.
Style could change too. It's up to you. It depends of the songs you're listening to, the movies that you've been watching to, the places where you were going to.
Elegance and Chic are like brothers concepts. It never change. It comes with you, like from inside of you and you can see it in every single move you make.

Today, I choose Duffy as an example. I mean, since the 1st time I saw a music video of her I was like: "Wow, she's very chic, bohemian, european vintage and very, very chic". Have you ever though about someone as a vintage thing? Well, I think about Duffy as a vintage person. SHE IS! It goes from her voice to her outfits, she is chic in a old way. And this is amazing.
My favorite example in video of her vintage way to be is her newest music video: Steeping Stone

Duffy is chic. Chanel is chic. Black n' white is chic.
I'm not chic, not at all. I'm just me.

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  1. I really like the style of these photos, expessially the one where she is in the coffee shop.


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