26 de jul de 2009

my holidays are gone...

...suddenly I wanna cry =(
Since I wrote here for the last time a few good thing happen.
Two of my Bff's came to my town to have a good time, so, we join to our other bff and had fun!
Empty conversations, easy laughs and some pizza. All that I needed. Pizza and Bff's! Good!
But everything gets back to what it is in sunday. booooooooooooring sunday! I don't know what's worse: Monday x Sunday. well, i guess monday, sunday is all about sleep, better than monday anyway.
But, that's it. Tomorrow I get back to university (the Fashion one), I'm still free of the art one (o//), I'm kinda excited, but I'm kinda lazzy...haha, it's gonna be weird to get back to my routine.
Well, guess I'll have to go and find something to eat, I don't know why but I'm starving...weird...//
Have a nice week everybody!!!

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