3 de set de 2009

I'm not inspired today, loool, not even a little bit. So I'm just going to talk about my week so far, boring? maybe, but that's just me.
I've been listening to more songs this past weeks than I ever did before. Music inspires me more than everything. The lyrics, the melodies, everything in music makes me feel good. One album that I've been listening to a lot is "It's not me, it's you" by Lily Allen, I love her voice, is sweet and she has an awesome british accent even when she's singing...(I love british accent folks!), "Rockferry" by Duffy, she's chic, full of elegance. Her voice is a flashback by itself, you can feel a old jazz feeling listen to it, well, I can't explain, but I can design an entire colection listening to 'Steeping Stone' or 'Warwick Avenue'. Other one is 'Only by the night' by Kings of Leon, they're awesome, it's impossible not to fall in love with 'em, Caleb has a great voice and the album is amazing from the beggining to the end.
Let me think...hum, I've got 'Riot!' by Paramore, but in this one I've been stuck in 2 songs 'For a Pessimist I'm pretty optimistic' and 'Misery Business', awesome songs, but I still don't gave a chance to the other ones, and still about Paramore we have the new one 'Ignorance', great song, we can expect an awesome album for 'Brand new eyes'. There's 'Funhouse' by Pink, but I'm not a huge fan of her, I get enough of her songs fast, and it's not a good sign. 'Here we go again' by Demi Lovato is awesome, her voice is amazing and we have a song that was co-wrote by John Mayer called 'World of chances' that's awesome, but my fave is 'Everytime you lie'. I've got John Mayer by himself in his live album, bloody awesome, has an acoustic feeling and I love it. 'With the Beatles' by The Beatles (Há!) that's incredible, but everybody knows it, I can't stop listening to it. And there's McFly and my fave currently of them 'Wonderland', 'I wanna hold you', 'I've got you', 'Nothing', 'Memory Lane', 'She falls asleep' and 'Don't know why' are my faves. Awesome album.

That's enough about music. Next week I've got 3 days of
shows and I'll be modeling (!!!!) and I'm very excited! I love my job! It's amazing and fun, so I can't wait for it to start, I'm gonna let you guys see the pictures after that, promisse.
This has been a ordinary week in uni, got to do some searches about Lacroix (can't believe that there's some guys in my classroom that don't knew him...they're studing to become fashion designers, people! that makes me sick) and create a look inspired by his work. Awesome. I'm not a big fan of his colorfull clothes, but as long as I can do it my way it's cool. Gonna show you it when I start to design.
I've got a big friend that has a band that's been nominated for a prizze in VMB (Brazzilian Music Award) in MTV, the link is right beside, the band is called 'Mickey Gang' (www.myspace.com/mickeygang), they're really good and they deserve it, check their songs out, vote and tell me what you think! ;)
That's all for today.
Wish me luck for the "Fashion Week", pray for me to get as much fashion shows as I can!

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  1. paramore ♥
    & i love your photo !

  2. thanks for your comment
    good luck with your modeling!
    i love twiggy (:



  3. is the 2nd photo of the girl from paramore? i don't really like them but i've heard lots of people talk about the singer. i've never seen what she looks like!


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