14 de set de 2009

VMS, VMAs...
The 'Vitória Moda Show' this year was great, I remmember being there and modeling last year but this time it was huuuuuge. People were almost fighting to get into the fashion shows and feel the fashion thing around.
I just did two fashion shows, two walks down the catwalk, boooo.
In the first one my shoe broke itself and I had to let it on the way (haha, epic! good to know I'm kinda old on this modeling thing, If i were one of the new kids I'm sure I'll not know what to do.), and in the second time I had to walk with open arms, yeah! haha, it was soooo weird, but it's job people, and we have to do what they tell you to.
I watched a loooot of fashion shows, saw a lot of celebrities \o/ (hot actors...), and had sooo much fun! It was awesome! Can't wait for next year!
Let's talk about the VMAs now? Man, what happened? What was Kanye West thinking when he came to the stage and said that 'Beyonce has one of the greatest music videos of all time' to Taylor Swift. Who cares, Kanye? Taylor won, and I should say, her video is great, there's a history, a love story, and awesome song, a great director and she deserves it. Beyoncé has a great video, I agree. But she won her award, video of the year, and 'Single ladies' is def the video of the year, but let Taylor alone. He's a monster...fuck you Kanye!
I always hated his songs and never really understood why people keep saying that he's awesome and bla bla bla...now I'm really sure that I was right, he's ridiculous, an evil man that can destroy the glory moment of a sweet girl like Taylor. huuuuuh, I was mad last night when saw it on TV, sorry folks, all I wanna in the moment was show Kanye my finger...loool, ok, I'm over it!
And Gaga? what was that? looool, she made me laugh a loooot, and I love her crazy way to be. Her performance was kinda weird (ok, very weird), but she has voice folks, she can sing live! haha, surpriiiiise!
Rob, Kirsten and Taylor showed us 'New Moon's new trailer and I should tell you folks, I'm soooo excited to watch it! It's unfair that the movie is ready and we have to wait till november, uuuuuh, it sucks!
Wednesday I've got a fashion show! ha, it'll be great, I'll show the pics after that, promiiiise! ;)
Gotta go! Xxxx

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