25 de set de 2009

Wow! It's been ages since the last time I wrote something here, sorry guys!
This time I have a lot of things to talk about so I'm going to write a lot to make it up :)

New York Fashion Week: my favorite fashion shows in it

Marc by Marc Jacobs - Oh, big new! He's my favorite! The most amazing one currently.

Ralph Lauren put a lot of 'boyfriend' stuff in the catwalk, I loved how he put it with some romantic stuff like little flowers, really, beautiful.
Chris Benz is cool. I've never seen or heard about it (label) before, but I liked it. I mean, I liked more the pictures than the clothes itself...lol, that's what models and photographers are for folks, make magic with clothes that aren't always good.
Calvin Klein was like, well, Calvin Klein. You know, I have no idea if I hate or love Francisco Costa. I just think Calvin Klein is beautiful, but boring.
Carlos Miele is amazing, even though his fashion shows always look like each other, he's always amazing and worth seeing.
3.1 Philip Lim was cool, yeah, I liked it.
Boy By Band Of Outsiders is cool too. Too beachy. But I liked the jackets and the skirts, oh, and the boyfriend pants.
London Fashion Week
What was Burberry???? OMG! So amazing and beautiful, I'm totaly in love with it, Balmain will have to work hard to get his favorite label of mine prizze back!

It was really awesome and def worth seeing. Loved it.

House of Holand was a big deception:
1st: Where was Agyness? What's HoH without her and his style??
2nd: I didn't feel like it was a colection, looked more like clothes that were made one at a time. Weird, that's all.

Milan maybe tomorrow (about that I should say that Just Cavalli looks awesome, there's a dress where you can read: 'I've been touched by Cavalli'! How cool is that folks?). My head is aching, I'm sleepy and I still have a test to do today, good to know is design, just put my phones on my ears, play Lily Allen and draw. the good life, oh I wish it was.
Before I leave, I'm gonna put some pictures of me wearing a outfit that a friend of mine from uni created. It's really awesome, it was inspired by Schiaparelli and I'm really proud to wear his clothes now, as long as I'm sure that soon people will be fighting to wear the stuff he'll do. He'll be great guys, listen what I'm saying.
Even knowing I'm in fashion uni and stuff, I really believe that, besides Chanel, all the other greatest designers were and are mans. I'm almost sure that I'll be happy working on a fashion mag. lol :)

Pretty cool, huh? let me know! :)
Now I really gotta go! Xxxx y'all

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  1. hey hey! you should not forget your blog! haha
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    Hey... great pics!! love it! :D

    I have a question... can you buy me my dream car? loool visit my blog to check out this car! hahaha


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