3 de out de 2009

October! Finaly...YAY!
Yeah, it's spring, my birthday's month and I'll be 18 in a few days, I'm excited, it's not like it'll change a lot in my life, actualy it won't change anything, but I'll probably be able to make my tattoo! há! it won't be big, is just that I always wanted to have one, still don't know what though.
And, it's also, fashion weeks time. I mean, most of them already ended, but the Paris one (my fave by miles) is still happening. So let's talk about it, ok?

This is my favorite label by miles since Christophe Decarnin become so genial. Gosh, he's incredible! Every single thing of the colection is on my platonic wish list (that will be finished by the end of the season), but anyway, it's amazing, check my favorite looks:

I'm not Balenciaga's biggest fan. I know it's such an amazing label, very IT and stuff. But this time, I was like: WOW. What was that? I really liked it

I wrote a history for my sis to school last week and I'll translate it to put here cause I loved it. Really. No modesty, I know, but it's really cool.
My favorite model of the season is Abbey Lee, just FYI. She has a really fashion face and looks awesome in the catwalk.

That's it for today.
Next Post I'll have my wish list finished! ;)

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  1. heyyyy :d
    October? SPRING? it's autumn in Poland! loooooool you're so lucky!!
    you're also lucky bcs you're turning in 18!! haha that;s so unfair! :D

    great pics :D
    qwrite something abt polish top model anja rubik looool

  2. she is stunning! never heard of her before, but you're right, she does have a fashion face haha :)


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