6 de out de 2009

Wish List time!
I'm a fashion lover. And as a fashion lover I should have my favorite things after a season, right? totaly. So, here you go, my wish list, completely platonic of the season. I won't have anything of it, maybe someday when it'll be vintage and stuff, but I don't really care, I like to see it anyway :D

Balenciaga pants /Balmain jackets, perfectos and pants/ Boy by band of outsiders from head-to-toe / Chanel's pants / Miele's dresses / Calvin Klein's blazer / Ralph Lauren's boyfriend jeans...
A lot of amazing stuff that would make my wardrobe pass out...probably, well, maybe someday, how will I know?

4 comentários:

  1. oh yeah i know you're a fasdhion lover! haha
    A lot of pics... pics of women! haha i like it! looooooool

    Well... what do you want? coco chanel dress? bag? i'll buy you! looooool just let me know :D hahah

  2. heyyy what's up?! Write something new :D we're waiting for it! hehehe

  3. i really like the ones with the beach background, they make me miss summer soo much!


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