11 de jul de 2009

2 idiots that you can't help but love :)

1 - Danny Jones
12 March 1986, Bolton, Lancashire, England, UK
Lead Singer and Lead Guitarist of McFLY.
The HOT idiot.
haha, he's my favorite McFly, no doubt. You can't help but love him, or hate him for think that he's sooooooooo stupid, and you don't believe he can be THAT good in what he do.
He has an amazing voice, he's an awesome guitarist, and he can make you laugh out loud with just one tweet.
he's sweet like a child, has the most amazing smille i've ever seen and the hottest male voice in the music world today.
That's why I love him, and that's why he's here.

2- Joe Jonas
15 August 1989, Casa Grande, Arizona, USA
lead Jonas Brothers's vocalist.
the CUTE idiot.
Ok, he's not THAT idiot anymore, it must be Camila Belle's fault, but Joe's here cause he already did stupid things enough for make me love him even thinking about him as an idiot.
"Reporter: Can you guys introduce yourselves?
Nick: hey everybody, what's up? I'm Nick Jonas!
Kevin: Hey, what's up? I'm Kevin Jonas!
Joe: Hey, what's up? I'm Enrique Iglesias
Nick: No, you're Joe..."

Ok, that's the most IDIOT post I've ever did. But that's the point, right?
I love idiots, can't help it!

12 comentários:

  1. uhmmm mcfly... ekhem
    ok never mind hahahaha

    aww yeah blackberry is cool :D let's buy it :D and let's twit from it hahahaha

    and dont worry about mistakes... i do so many mistakes too hahahaha

  2. ahhh please! haha everyone (even mcfly!) but no jonas bros

    yeah i see :D thanks :D
    kisses :D

  3. hahahahaha don't worry :D really xD

  4. lol. I love them! =( hahaha

  5. yes i see hahahaha
    well... i do not like them xD haha but i like the black eyed peas hahahaha

  6. I hate BEP! hahahaha
    Have you ever like, compared, 'Falling in love' with 'Bom Bom Pow'...hahahaha
    sorry xD

  7. ohhh noooo! kiding me?! lol
    but their new album (the END) is kida electro style...
    check out where is the love for example xD hahaha
    i love them!!!

  8. hahaha, they're cool.
    The point is that i love acoustic melodies, love lyrics (most of the time, not always) and male voices. that's why i love jb and mcfly, guns n' roses, scorpions, bryan adams, bon jovi...i love balads.
    I'm not a huuuge electro fan...i'm not very into bep. =(
    nevermind! :)

  9. aww okay then :Di'll forgive u ! hahahaha
    fergie's cd!? oh come on! hahah it's the dutchess :D lol yeah i like her too :D hahaha

  10. Oh yeah! The dutchess! this one! hahaha, it's really cool! :)

  11. heyy what's up? i think you should check out my blog hahahaha


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