11 de jul de 2009


Gooood times, gooood stuff. And I miss it. a lot.
I had such and awesome childhood that i can't help but miss it. all the barbies, fairytales, dreams, hopes and easy laughs...ok, i'm still that girl! just take the barbies out...if you want to...i still have them with me...haha. i still believe in fairytales, i still have hopes and dreams and i still have the easier laugh you'll ever see. when it starts, looks like it'll never stops. :D
You can ask me what Dopey is doing in this post, but if you do it that's because ur a jerk. Can you imagine somebody, a child, who don't like Dopey?? He's the cuttest character ever! hahaha, he don't even need to talk to make us fall in love with him! :)
Since my childhood the times has changed a little bit. New tv shows, new singers (why i always fall in love with boybands??? can't help it!), new jerks (like Paris Hilton and Lula, our president...=/).
Laugh seems harder these days, with all this troubles that age brings to you. I'm not old, hahaha, trust me, i'm not, but i can understand all the adults problems and it makes me soooo bad. i wanna help but i can't. i mean, i could, if i would.
life's sooooo much easier when ur a child. that's why so many people miss it.
Well, I hope God bless me with a child mind forever. It makes life all better, and easier to face.
i'm not very inspired today, just thinking and talk honestly about it.
I'm having an awesome time, july vacation :) HÁ! I was sooo need of it!
Just bought my Jonas Brothers 3D concert experience. But it'll just be here in july 22th =( llllllllllong waiting. And I don't know if I want it day to comes, cause it's the almost-end of my vacation, but my life will be almost-completely after this dvd...cruel doubt.
hahaha, i wish i could be cooler, but i'm boring, what should i do?
Ps.: Can't wait for the Half-blood movie...uhuuuuul! it's gonna be sooo awesome! Can't wait for the next week! Cinema, here i go! IUPI!

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