6 de jul de 2009

i wish we'd fallen in love...

ok, this pic doesn't have anything to do with my subject tonight. It's just here cause i love terry richardson's job and i really thing he's the coolest photographer now. he and annie leibovitz...but they're so different that..ok, that's not my point! let's move on
I'm kinda emo these days. not in the bad way, i don't look like one and i'm not listning to emo's songs. It's just that I've been thinking so much about things that i don't use to in the past days. I'm thinking more about my actions and what i do wrong, and what i do right. it's something hard to do, as long as i think that my sister, for example, know me better than i know myself. she sees me in another point of view, a pov that i'll never have. she sees myself with someone elses eyes, and i wish i could do this. then i would be a better person.
this past weekend, i had a dream. an amazing dream, i wish i could dream like this every night, maybe it'll helps to kill this pain that's bothering me. this dream makes me feel like i'm living my definition of perfect (i love my life, but the thing that my dream broughts to me is all i need to complete it). i'm not gonna explain this post title, i wanna it to just make sense to me. somethings are sooooo deep that you just can't share with anyone else. sometimes your bff is yourself and all you can do is be ok with it.

i wish we'd fallen in love...i don't know if we have time for it now...maybe it's too late =( it kills me to think bout that way.

Ps.: I wanna the last gossip girl's book. =/
- Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad!

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  1. heloo :)
    How are you? I've just read some notes on ur blog and i like it xD hah fortunately u write in english :D hahaha
    take care :D

  2. I'm good too :)
    I'm glad you like my blog! i like ur blog too Maybe we could be a good friends? what do u think? :d hehe anyway i added ur blog to my links :D hehe

  3. I really agree with the post. I've been feeling the same way lately. I love your blog too :).

  4. aw yeah you are right! where's a new post? :D haha im waitng :D i like reading ur blog :))

    ps. i am following u on twitter :D


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