15 de jul de 2009

just remmember to smille, smille, smille...

I don't have a lot to say today.
haha, why are you posting, then? you could ask me, and I'll tell you:
- CAUSE I WANT TO, danm it!
hahaha, as long as i don't have much to say today i'm gonna put here some cool pictures that i saw few days ago in style.com from some Festival or something, well, where doesn't really matters, what matters is that there was a lot of really COOL people wearing really COOL clothers with a really COOL attittude. enjoy it :)

So folks, did you enjoy it? great pics huh? i love street style, it inspires me more than everything else.
love it.
it could be on popular magazines, then maybe, people will learn how to show style.
more attittude and less piercings, shirts that looks like a bra...and everything else that people who don't have a clue keep wearing...makes me sick.
about my week so far (like somebody cares at all...lol), my monday was ecxatly what i was expecting...a fucking boring day. thursday was a little better, as long as dad drives me back home and i could get back to sleep in my sweet own bed. Don't get me wrong. I love to stay out home, for a while, but if it could be in a place like, well, mine, it's much better. I can't wait to live on my own in a small flat. I wish i'd live in London or NY, maybe it'll be easier to happen. Anyway, today I woke up in my bedroom, take some breakfast (some sweet pie and mom didn't realize, good move, me ^^) and watch...guess what? my Radio:ACTIVe live at wembley dvd for the 50000th time i think. It's awesome, what can I do? WATCH IT! I wanna know what will happen when JB 3D concert experience gets here next week, wich will I watch more? only the time can tell...it was deep, ok, let's get back. Then I had some lunch, watched some MTV, new Coldplay's music video is really cool, but i don't like them too much, i didn't even knew that they're have already made a new album after 'Viva la vida', and 'Paranoid' by JB for the 900000th time...lol, in the evening some designing thing, a new dress is comming up, and a new skirt too, can't wait to wear it :)
then, some chocolate with my little and sweet sis; after some Miley Cyrus dvd and then...tchan tchan tchan...I cooked! lol, my mom is trying to teach me how to cook some rice, seems like it's the hardest part, at least for me!, made some orange juice, and mom did an awesome fish with potatoes and we had fun few pounds fatter. Now, having some of my addiction, that's called twitter, after that some fotbal...calm down, just watch! final match...but i don't care a lot about who'll win, it makes the whole thing better, no anticipation, just watch...sounds good! I'll have my male momment in a few hours watching some fotbal. But now I'm just being the girl fashion addicted and rattle. hahaha, very girlie! haha
I wanna go to the mall...and buy shoooooooes! i've already buy two new pairs, but i wanna more! hahaha, ok, tooo girlie, back to Brunela whole deal! hahaha, the ordinary and not consumed girl. Uhhh, I'm back! but i wanna go to the mall anyway. hate to live in such an small town.
ok, i'm being boring. forget what i said.
I guess I've already write enough, tomorrow Half-blood prince. Can't wait!
Good to know that i don't like Michael Gambon's Dumbledore, otherwise I'll cry an ocean in the cinema, and we don't want it, won't we?
Happy and waiting for a great day tomorrow, but i still have some college activities to do, then I'll be free.
Friday is Tom Fletcher's bday. Happy for him! He's a great singer, guitarist, songwriter...and McFly, my 2nd fave in it! :) Happy Bday Tom!
Good rest of week for all of you guys. I'll be sure to have mine!

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  1. love the sleeves on the 2nd girls jacket. hunter boots are everywhere, aren't they?

  2. well yeah pics are cool! hahaha
    well sometimes i have the sameproblem :D i want to write on my blog but i dont know what to write about hahahahaha

    they're my best friends... we meet often :) fortunately!
    well here in poland the food in wedding is cool too! So yummy! And you can eat whatever you want! not only candies hahahahahaha
    yes of course i don't think that! you're not fat! you're thin! very thin! lol

  3. lily d and theodora, LOVELOVEEE .

  4. fantastic pics!
    i especially love the first two (:



  5. Everyone in these pics look amazing! All so leggy and beautiful and quirky! Great blog!



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