17 de jul de 2009

Potter. what was that?

Hey everyone! How it's going? :)
Well, last night I went to the cinema to watch Harry Potter's new movie. There was a lot of anticipation in the air, but I was afraid to get desapointed, like I did in the 'Prisioner of Azkban', 'Globet of fire' and, more than ever, in 'Order of Phoenix'. I'm a Pottermaniac, I know every book decorated and I 'm a huge fan of the saga, but the movies that comes after Richard Harris's death were, well, too bad. Michael Gambon used to make me sick, with his hands that can do magic and everything else not-dumbledore that he do. I always keep complaining bout how they forget the details in the movie, things that only us, people who read the books, can see, it's kinda boring sometimes, cause you feel like they're trying to do something else, well, don't know.
I was very excited last night, and I get out of the cinema excited for the 1st time after a HP movie.
The movie starts showing all the things that Voldemort and his guys (I don't know how they're called in english...sorry, I read it in portuguese...) are doing with the muggles.
I missed the Dursleys. yeah, I did.
There was some scene that the director had imaginated, haha, when Belatriz and Greyback go to the Weasley's house and put fire on it. 8O it was sooo crazy, cause I didn't remmember to have read it in the book and I already have checked it and guess what? IT DOESN'T ECXIST! J.K didn't wrote it, so why they put it on the movie? huh? can anybody tell me? cause I don't know!
Forgeting this, the movie is awesome. The best one so far on the saga. def. Loved it. It's a great movie, and I'm proud of the cast that made an awesome movie.
Congrats for Ruppert for make an funny an dork Rony, just like in the book.
Congrats for Emma, for be the Hermione that I imaginated when I read the book.
Congrats for Radcliff, great Potter. He was amazing in the whole movie, but you should give some attention at the part when Harry takes some Felix Felicis...hahaha, I was laughing soooo hard, he looks like a dork, and it's soo danm funny!
Congrats for the Weasley twins, they're sooo awesome! I should tell that, of all the characteres they're my faves. This two guys are def Fred and George Weasley.

Bonnie Wright is a good Ginny too. I just wish she don't have this child face, but she's good anyway.

Loved the movie, but I watched it in portuguese...yekes, dubbing sucks. Can't wait for the dvd, then I'll could watch it in english with all the british
accent that makes me melt when the McGuys speak! lol

and talking about british accent...
Aaaaand, today is Tom Fletcher's Bday! Iupi! 24 years!
Happy Bday for him! hahaha, my 2nd fave McGuy...he looses to Danny...=)
But I love him anyway and I wish him everything that's good :)


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  1. hahahaha you have to watch keeping up with the Kardashians to understand that! lol
    but thanks anyway hahahahaha

    yeah ok so thanks once again :D hahahaha
    well... you should go with me for the next wedding :D what do u think? hahahaha

    you love mcfly, you love jonas bros... hmmm did i forget abt anyone? hahahaha i'm glad you likexd the movie :D if i watched it, i wouldn't like it! hahaha that's for sure :D

  2. lol!
    that's quite impossible to happen! lol
    I love McFly and I love JoBros, that's pretty enough, right? hahaha

  3. hahaha why impossible? impossible is nothing :D hahaha

    well yes! that's enough! or... it would be so cool if you also liked the black eyed peas :D hahaha

  4. I haven't seen it yet, I want to soon though. Every one is talking about it. Can't wait to see it :).


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